My perspective of Dubai – City of contrasts

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Extravagant city- Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa

During initial days, my perspective of Dubai was similar to that of any US city. But when we visited Dubai mall ,I had chance to witness the beauty of Burj khalifa , my outlook about the city changed a little, as it is more then just a building, it appears like a huge piece of art , made with love of beauty.

On our second day , we went to Dubai mall which was not too far from our residence. I booked a taxi to reach the mall, it was around 25 minutes drive. Driver was from Pakistan , we had brief chat on the way , he recommended not to buy things from mall as everything was expensive . I have met people from Pakistan before , most of the time its a sweet experience , Urdu is a sweet language, there is always a warmth, Its hard to believe that our countries are always at war .

The shopping experience

In my perspective of Dubai, particularly Dubai mall ,everything is extravagant and obviously expensive. Omnipresent pleasant fragrance of variety of local and international perfumes is remarkable. Overall ambience is very excitingly pleasing. I bought blue tooth enabled selfie stick there and few dresses for Roy. Afterwards, to complete shopping experience, obviously we had food at its food court, which has huge variety of cuisines.

Later, we went to its famous aquarium, Aryaman loves it, he had great time there.

later by evening, we knew there will be fountain show, so we went to exit where fountain show happens. This show starts around 6pm and goes on till 9pm . I captured one of them in my camera. Its definitely a delight to watch. It just built on my perspective of Dubai, I loved the overall experience there and decided to visit it more then once again as we had to leave as Deepak and Bharti had come to pick us .

A typical day plan

I was there for two weeks, so I had ample amount of time to explore it. As much as I love to explore , I try not to rush and maximize the opportunity, ensuring quality experience , otherwise it ruins the vacation due to unnecessary stress. Usually, I would wake up early in the day , go for long walk near our residence, which was in Bur Dubai . I would pick a direction , use maps on my phone for easy navigation. It served two purposes . One, I would get my fitness numbers on my fitbit watch . Second, find more places of interest , where we can visit later. Typically , we would spend afternoons either in a mall or at our hosts home. In evenings, we would roam around nearby Jumeirah beach road, or other planned places of interest. Dubai mall fountain area became our favorite hang out point, due to variety of eateries around it and overall beautiful ambience.

Contrasting picture

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During my morning walks, I discovered multiple shopping malls near by like Burjuman, grocery stores like spinneys ,smaller shops and coffee houses. Like any other big city one can find people rushing to their work place in the morning, which was kind of expected. I saw something similar in Singapore. Interestingly, crowd that I observed was primarily expats from various countries.

Furthermore, in such a hot weather, I observed non-AC shabby buses full of people from south eastern countries including India. reaching to under construction sites. I thought, in India, people are so fascinated by Idea of working in middle east that they put everything on stake to work here . Finally this is what they end up doing . Unfortunately, when these people visit their countries, they hide facts about their work, misleading others about their successful lives here. I really wondered why laborers were neglected when everything else appears so perfect. However , it left mark in my perspective of Dubai

I also remember an evening, when we were going for a dinner in Dubai marina, at car parking a young boy in early 20s came to me . He was from Pakistan. He lost his work , he had no money for food and wanted help. I told him I was there just for visit and gave him some money for food. He gave his blessings. I felt and hoped things will get better for him but thought is it really worth it , leaving your home for a imperfect dream.

Concluding thoughts

I will end this post by sharing my own contrasting life where I and Jyoti try to have best time together while dealing with autism of our son. This was our biggest pain when Roy was in his early infancy. Reason I was in Dubai was to drop Jyoti to her sisters , as it was becoming very difficult for us to handle autistic kid along with an infant. Thats how life is , like roses are found with thorns.

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