My Books Recommendations

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My Books Recommendations

In my books recommendations section, I have listed books that I love. As I have mentioned in my post on finding flow , books are my close friends , I consider them my light house, my guiding lights. Furthermore, about why I am sharing these books here . I felt since these books have helped me in various ways, I hope readers will also get the benefits from them. The books are from variety of categories from spirituality to leadership in business .

BookAuthorCore Idea of the book
Flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Achieving state of fulfilling happiness.
Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy LifeHector GarciaAlbert Liebermannfinding purpose of your life, that gives you a fulfilling life
Getting Things Done With Work-Life BalanceDavid AllenMethodical ways to get things done, I use it both for work and personal life.
Thinking, Fast and SlowDaniel KahnemanGives you understanding about workings of your mind.
Drive the surprising truth about what motivates usDaniel H. PinkIts a good study of human motivation.
Joy : The Happiness That Comes from WithinOshoThis book changed my perspective when I was struggling with pain after first discovery of Autism in my son. Osho dissects the ideas like pain and pleasure , dualities of life, root of pain. I recommend this if you want a new perspective of life overall.

Going forward

I may also expand on the ideas shared in these books either in a separate post or in the core idea column, basically how they impacted my life in a positive way, how they changed my perspective of life. Most of the books became link to the other books, when authors quoted about certain points from other books. So I kept moving from one book to another. This lead to a huge library. However, major portion of this library is digital now, primarily in audible. Over the period of time , I felt it was easy to listen a book then read it, in busy schedule of life. Please consider this as a live page as I will keep updating this list . To start with here are few of them in following table.

Please help me with my books recommendation page by sharing books you love in comments section.

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