Finding Flow

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My guiding light

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I am very close to books since my childhood, I started with fiction, moved to self discovery books, a lot of them can be categorized in self help genre , although I am not very aligned with name given to this genre. Furthermore, I like to apply my learnings from the books I read. I have a huge collection now, both paperback and digital editions. Most of the books are references from authors of other books and friends. Finding flow is also related to a book.

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I came to know about a book called Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Core idea of the book is about being in a state of fulfilling happiness. Its different from pleasure which ends after the activity is over. This is about a state which is achieved by performing an activity where you forget about yourself become one with activity performed, forget the sense of time. Once its over, you have feeling of fulfillment and collateral happiness.

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

Mark Twain

My experiments

I have been experimenting with this concept. Few years back, I achieved this state again and again by painting. Without getting into the history and later developments of painting, I can easily say I used to feel that flow. I achieved same state at work, again without getting into details of the nature of my work. Similarly there are related activities to my work which allow me to get into that state , but even that needs a break otherwise it becomes one dimensional.

Recent developments this year, caused a major void due to lack of freedom of getting away to beautiful escapes and travels in and outside the country. At home , your options are limited to Netflix, prime , many other Indian online platforms, to watch movies or series . They can help for few months but eventually it gets tiring. Consequently , I again listened to flow on audible, started my experiments again. Thats when rebirth of this blog happened. While writing , I could relive my travel experiences, share with friends, achieve the state of flow, its much more rewarding then watching a series on TV , I am spending my time better, that gives another positive feeling.


Final outcome is overall bliss, meditation like experience. I am sure, while current world order stays as it is , I will continue my experiments and share my experiences with my friends, while I keep finding flow.

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