An evening in Desert

Little voice

Deepak and Bharti our hosts in Dubai had made all the arrangements for our comfortable stay, for background context please read first post on this series. As they had to leave for work, Jyoti and I had all the time with kids to relax. But a little voice in me was telling me to explore the place , instead of just sitting at home. Following its lead , I took out my laptop ,searched the web to find best options for a desert safari that I heard about a lot , from many friends. After searching for a while, I found few options, read their online reviews, I called couple of them, finally got a good deal, our hosts were unavailable for the evening, so we asked Jyoti’s elder sister who also lives in Dubai to join us, she agreed. I started to anticipate a great evening in desert.

View of city while going to desert
View of city on the way to desert

Drive to the desert

At 4 pm that day, driver from the event hosting company reached our residence. We were accompanied by few other guests, they were a couple from Zimbabwe. On our way to the desert, I had conversations about various subjects ranging from politics, education, languages and business both from their country and India’s perspective, obviously we discussed cricket which was strongest common factor between us. I came to know lot of new things about their country which we usually do not hear on news or in movies, the usual life of a common man.

Drive on sand experience


We had a tea break on the way, where I found a souvenir shop, I found keffiyeh and asked the person who was selling it, to help me in putting it on my head. I loved it.

We arrived at the location where the event was organized , it was pleasantly different from what I imagined. In above picture, you can see there is sitting space with roof cover for sun protection, then there is sitting place in the middle , for people to sit and enjoy the dance and other shows in the evening. I was with kids who could not bear direct sun, so I picked a seat with roof cover, with extra charges.

The attendant at the entrance was in the traditional Arabic attire, he served Arabic coffee which looked similar to kahwa. It tasted different , attendant after seeing my first reaction suggested to have it with dates. It took a while but I started to like it after few attempts. Later at our seats, we were served with drinks, coffee and snacks.

Twilight in sand dunes ,views , SUVs adventures

After enjoying hookah , drinks and few family pictures by a local cameraman, I walked towards sand dunes, hoping to get picturesque sunset in the desert.

At distance, I saw a group of guys was driving their 4×4 SUVs in sand dunes, apparently it was adventure drive. In fact our event organizer asked me about it but I did not opt for it as I was with kids.

On other side , I found another group of young sheikhs having good time with friends ,attempting to capture the beautiful evening in their cameras.

Finally, after I could not get good sunset view, due to dust in the air, I retuned to Jyoti . She and her sister were engaged in some other activities arranged by event organizers. Aryaman my elder son loves sand, he also had fun playing in it.

Mesmerizing evening in desert

In the evening, we enjoyed dinner with great performances by belly dancers, fire dancers and middle eastern dancers. I had seen belly dancers on TV before but not live, it was great experience. There was sizeable crowd of guests present who enjoyed these performances.

Evening was pleasant, overall experience of drive from city to the desert was memorable , we spent some time talking about it, while local cameramen finished our photographs and delivered in albums. Jyoti bought few souvenirs as well , that is her typical way to make an outing unforgettable .

We were driven back by same driver back to our residence, we were accompanied by same guest couple. They enjoyed adventure drives in the sand. They seem to have a very delightful experience as well. Although all of us were tired after long drive but we finished the day with coffee and telling day’s stories to our hosts about an evening in desert that I still keep reliving.

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