Few days in Dubai

Beginning – my few days in Dubai

In this post about few days in Dubai, I am starting a series about my stay in the city . I will share my experiences of this trip. It was year 2018, my family and I were in emirates flight from Hyderabad to Dubai . My original plan was to drop my wife and kids to her sisters place for three months and then return to India. Without getting into details about the reasoning, however , I can mention ,it was more to do with my elder sons autism then vacation time. My visa was for a month, with two weeks leave .The buffer leave time was to observe adaptation of my son into new place . In case he does not adapt well then I planned to bring whole family back.


Flight take offs due to its sound, can be painful for my son due to his condition , so I chose emirate , hoping for better service. Obviously tickets were expensive compared to other options. I was happy that family enjoyed the flight, especially my son did not feel uncomfortable with sound of take off . He had pleasant experience overall.

Dubai Airport

Although, I had been to Dubai airport many times before during my office visits to Redmond, Seattle . But transit areas of the airport that lead to terminal for Seattle are not that exciting . On the contrary, I found exiting areas of airport better. Unforgettable experience of sweet sound of adhan, in the airport is beyond words. I have special admiration for Arabic and middle eastern cultures, their clothes, lifestyle , perfumes and obviously cuisine.

Our Host

My sister-in-law Bharti was waiting for us at airport. She picked us up . My wife and her began to catchup on the lost time . Meanwhile , I got into my observation and admiration mode for the city I wanted to visit for such a long time. I could not help but notice this tallest building shared below, on the way to Bharti’s home. My first impression of the city was similar to looking at a sports car, mesmerizingly beautiful.

I am going to write small pieces going forward , including the rest of story on Dubai trip ,as many of my friends shared their feedback that due to longer posts they were not able to read them.

to be continued.. Next Post

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