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Monthly Archives: September 2020

My guiding light I am very close to books since my childhood, I started with fiction, moved to self discovery books, a lot of them can be categorized in self help genre , although I am not very aligned with name given to this genre. Furthermore, I like to apply my learnings from the books I read. I have a huge collection now, both paperback and digital editions. Most of the books… Read More

Little voice Deepak and Bharti our hosts in Dubai had made all the arrangements for our comfortable stay. As they had to leave for work, Jyoti and I had all the time with kids to relax. But a little voice in me was telling me to explore the place , instead of just sitting at home. Following its lead , I took out my laptop ,searched the web to find best options… Read More

Glimpses of Paragliding festival in Bir. Way to Bir This was in the year 2018, Jyoti was living with her parents in Pathankot for almost an year , to ensure our infant was getting enough care and attention with more people around her, at her home then in Hyderabad . Since, it was our marriage anniversary , I wanted to utilize this opportunity to visit few unseen places in Himachal Pradesh, like… Read More

It was year 2018, my family and I were in emirates flight from Hyderabad to Dubai . My original plan was to drop my wife and kids to her sisters place for three months and then return to India. Without getting into details about the reasoning, however , I can mention ,it was more to do with my elder sons autism then vacation time. I had one month tourist visa for myself,… Read More