Free spirit

Thought flight

It was Friday night, I had plan to write a technical blog on my TechNet blogs today, but before getting to bed, I was trying to meet my daily activity target I had set on my Fitbit device. While doing that I was listening to music as most people do, I was listening to random songs on my phone , then came one of my favorites shine-on, I actually didn’t care much about the lyrics, it was the music and the way singer has sung it. Every time I hear it, I get into my free spirit zone. I reach one of the beaches in Goa, more specifically its my favorite beach mini vagator, a small shack on the beach and a nice tea ,in a beautiful evening, with beautiful colors all around, red and blue sky, silver water. Its magical.

Business and Pleasure

It reminded me of my last visit to Goa with my friends. We actually went to attend an information security conference. What an awesome idea of the organizers, if you love information security and Goa both, you wont like to miss it. After the conference was over, We moved from southern Goa to North Goa. If you want to relax alone with lesser crowd you may like to be in southern Goa, but if you like to party and like to be with people and have fun, you would like the festive North Goa.

Saturday night fever

It was Saturday night , I and my friends Kumar and Ashvini(Ash) were wandering around the TiTos street in Baga after dinner, we finally planned to go back to hotel from Baga to Anjuna. On the way to Anjuna we came to know that there was a Saturday night market which is supposed to be a flea market, mostly by hippies . So it was first after a long time, when we were all singles without any women i.e. wife or girl friends, like we were in college , so we were free to roam around, without thinking about reaching on time in hotel.

Flea market experience

So this flea market was like a festival, there was a center area where people or a band was playing music, few guys were showing tricks with fire. Lot of guys were dancing on the bands music. It was an amazing feeling to be in that festive moment. This is what brings me to Goa again and again. Where ever you see, you see free spirits, having fun. I do not smoke or drink, people you see there, they do and as one of my friend says you pay for mahul bro not for booze, mahul in Indian means the intoxicating moments with your friends , which in fact is true, I never feel the need of any device to get intoxicated, as the moment itself is so beautiful. No body is worried about the work or anything, everybody seem to have come to a festival, thats the beauty of Goa.

Window shopping and Angelina

We spent time in different small streets of that flea market, watching shops and stuff displayed in them. In one of those streets I saw a shop, which had paintings in it, when I saw the lady who was selling it, she said she made them, I myself have been painting earlier as well and I could see the art in her paintings. She herself was beautiful, probably  European, I complimented her for her paintings and her looks as well, she reminded me of Angelina Jolie, as always I m forthcoming when its about complimenting, I told her she looks like Angelina, she thanked me with a non English speaking accent.

Stags not allowed

My friends and I, then sat near a open air disco where stag entry was not allowed. Stags , I guess is a concept known only in India, where single men can not enter a disco. So after waiting for a while we moved from there. My friends had few drinks and I had some juice. We stayed in that festival until we were dead tired and finally around 3am we decided to go back to hotel. While getting out of the flea market, I happened to see Angelina Jolie(symbolic name I gave to painter lady) again on her bullet, riding to somewhere. Bullet is a bike which is Indian Harley equivalent, not exactly but sort of. I just wondered , how come these people live here for so many months and then probably go back to their countries, moreover they live here so freely not that they should not, but I do not see the natives live with that freedom and mental comfort. May be everybody wants to live that free life, but our commitments in life do not let us live that way or may be its the grass is greener on the other side.

Before we call it a night

But before we actually reach hotel, we stopped by a road side tea stall and had tea and something to eat and finally we were in our beds in hotel. what a night it was, its not that when I come with my wife and kid I enjoy any less. But what I feel, coming single there with friends was a different flavor of same place. May be responsibility factor was missing and I was again a boy like I have always been.

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