Travel Memoirs

Travel Memoirs -Memories of my internal and external journeys

This blog is about my travel memoirs , here I am sharing my travel experiences. I am not a globetrotter. I am just a techie who loves travel. I have not travelled the world, Just few places but wherever I go I have a unique story to share. This is collection of those stories and wonderful memories.

After hiatus of 5 years, I have started to blog my experiences. Current world status does not allow the free travel we were so used to , through these memoirs, its an attempt to live the memories again with friends and family.

Few days in Dubai

I have started the series of this trip ,where I am sharing my experiences in Dubai. List of posts in this series are as following : An evening in Desert, Few days in Dubai, My perspective of Dubai- city of contrasts

Mountain visits

I am from northern region of India, although I have lived in southern India later in life. I have deeper affinity for mountains. In this category, I will share my experiences of mountain travels . Although there are few mountains where I never got an opportunity to travel like Ladakh but I m hoping to visit it someday.

Beach Love, Road Trips

I went on a trip to goa with my college friends but after that due to lack of time, I did not get chance to visit goa for a very long time. Later, however I went there with my wife, it turned out to be a very interesting and adventurous road trip , which lead to many more such trips. In this category, I will share different accounts on sunsets and road trips, however I recommend begin reading from this post.

Not all those who wander are lost.